'Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman Sings Terribly With Boyz II Men But She Doesn't Care — VIDEO

We already knew that Our Bachelorette needs a little help in the dance department, but a sneak peek of next week's episode shows that Andi Dorfman isn't the best singer either. Fortunately she's not letting that get her down in the slightest, which is good because her upcoming date involves performing with Boyz II Men.

The clip shows Andi practicing their hit "I'll Make Love to You" for the big day with band member Wanya Morris. He listens to Andi try to harmonize for about six seconds before declaring to the cameras, "Oh, she sucks."

Andi just laughs it off. "I am a terrible singer," she admits. "But I don't even care today. I'm about to sing with Boyz II Men and I don't care how bad I am; I am so excited to do it."

One of the Bachelorette's best assets is she doesn't take herself too seriously, like when she acknowledged the fact that she says "stop" a million times each episode by tweeting a funny response. "Good tweets make me smile, funny tweets make me laugh, mean tweets can just 'stop'" she wrote.

It's a good attitude for her to take, and we're glad she's not getting her lack of singing talent get to her. Besides we're sure she'll be in good company for the date, because I'm guessing most of the guys can't carry a tune either.

*Kids Soccer Coach Voice* The most important thing is to have fun!

Watch the hilarious clip below:

Image: ABC