Bravo's 'Ladies of London' Is Coming in June, But Here's Everything We Know So Far

Whether it is the various Real Housewives franchises or series focused on singles trying to find love and success (Shahs of Sunset, 100 Days of Summer, Southern Charm, just to name a few), Bravo has perfected the geography-based reality show, filling each with big personalities, gorgeous locations, and intense drama. Well, we hope you didn't unpack yet, because you're about to go on a journey across the pond to spend the summer with Ladies of London , Bravo's upcoming reality series that follows the lives of seven women living brilliantly in the British capital.

From the looks of it, Ladies of London promises to deliver all the friendship, fights, and fashion that we love to see in every Bravo show. And it all comes in a lovely accent that you will most definitely not be able to resist trying out yourself each episode. But the international locale and culture clash theme of this series definitely gives Ladies of London some added appeal.

So, do you fancy learning everything there is to know about Ladies of London before the series premiere? Keep calm and read on.

Americans and Brits Don't Always Get Along

The Ladies of London cast features two British women (Annabelle Neilson, Caroline Stanbury) and four American expats (Caprice Bourret, Juliet Angus, Noelle Reno, Marissa Hermer, Julie Montagu). Though our two countries are very tight, the ladies sometimes have trouble understanding where the other is coming from. In one episode, English Annabelle seems embarrassed for Juliet for belting "The Star-Spangled Banner," and in return, Juliet is peeved at Annabelle's stoic attitude. There will be a lot that gets lost in translation on this show.

It's All About Who You Know

New York may be the city where, "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere," but London is no stroll in Hyde Park either. The women of Ladies of London are all trying to make a place for themselves in British society, whether it's Caroline, an established British socialite, or Marissa (doesn't she look just like a blonde Amber Tamblyn?), who claims British women didn't want anything to do with her until she married Matt Hermer, owner of the hot nightclub Boujis. As one lady says during the series, "This is the big league. This is London."

Real-life Royalty

You didn't think a show set in London wouldn't have any royal connections, did you? Some people call one of the American cast members Julie, but it's Viscountess Hinchingbrooke if you're nasty. Her husband, Luke Montagu, is the Earl of Sandwich, the town not the food. Annabelle and Caroline also come from aristocratic families. Is this a reality show Prince Harry will actually be on?

Plenty of Dry, British Humor, Er, Insults

The Brits are known for their deadpan delivery, and it's often hard to tell whether the English women on Ladies of London are making a joke or are completely serious. Take Caroline, who in one episode responds to an employee asking if she looks thin in a group photo they just took, "No, you don't look thin. Next to me, nobody looks thin." Trust us, seeing the actual clip doesn't make it any clearer.

All You Need Is Love... To Get To London

If the ladies weren't born British, they most likely got to London because of a relationship. Noelle's beau, Scot Young, is perhaps the most high-profile of any of the men of London. The show captured the property developer's very public divorce battle with his ex-wife as Noelle stuck by him.

They're A Stylish Bunch

These ladies know how to dress well, but a lot of them are or were involved in the fashion industry professionally, too. Annabelle was a model and longtime muse for Alexander McQueen. Caprice is a model and owns a lingerie company. Caroline was a stylist. Juliet works in fashion PR. Noelle was a model and now runs a clothing company. London is one of the chicest cities on the planet, so they've all definitely come to the right place.

Everything Is Brilliant

While many Bravo-lebrities live fabulous lives, the women on Ladies of London will make you envious like no other. Seeing the beautiful estates, rubbing elbows with royalty on the red carpet, and horseback riding through the English countryside will have you applying for a visa in no time.

Image: Rebecca Miller/Bravo