'The Fosters' Season 2 Promo Spawns 4 Theories Including Callie & Brandon's Big Decisions

It's almost that time again, people. ABC Family will solve your Mad Men, Vampire Diaries, and Scandal blues with its impossibly addicting summer dramas. The network's 2013 breakout series, The Fosters , will return on June 16. And the first promo for the Season 2 premiere has The Fosters picking up right where it left off with its amazing first season. Aside from recent casting of Kerr Smith as Callie's biological father and the drama that will bring, there's plenty of leftover drama from the Season 1 finale to tackle on June 16 — starting with Brandon's injuries.

So what do we have to look forward to in the Season 2 premiere? Well, the first promo is actually jam-packed with what's coming. When we left off in March, Callie's adoption was cruelly ripped out from under her because it turned out that she has a different biological father than Jude. Later, Brandon was beaten to a pulp by a handful of guys he ratted on for making fake IDs. I mean, everyone else had some huge moments too (never forget Jude's adorable, tear-inducing adoption), but those were the two biggest shockers of the night. And we revisit them in the promo — or rather, we get to see the repercussions of these huge moments in the all-too-brief, 30-second clip. There's going to be a Foster baby, Brandon's going to be reevaluating his future, and now that Kerr Smith casting news makes sense — Callie wants to find her birth father.

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Amazing, right? But what does it mean — will Brandon ever play again and will Callie's dad be a total jerk? We've got a few predictions for Season 2:

Yep, Callie's Dad Will Be A Jerk

We were all thinking it, so someone had to say it. Whenever Callie does something good or rises to the top, she gets knocked back down. At least, that's the pattern we saw in Season 1. So, for her to be strong and come to Stef and Lena and straight-up ask to find her father, something bad is bound to happen. He'll probably let Callie get adopted — eventually — but it's not going to be easy and, as usual, it'll threaten Callie's resolve to be a part of the Foster family.

Mariana's Teenage Rebellion Is Coming

Poor Mariana just couldn't catch a break in Season 1. She got suspended, she put her underwear in some guy's pocket and then was publicly ridiculed, and her boyfriend dumped her after one day (they got back together, but still). While last season dealt with Jesus' relationship trouble, Stef and Lena will have their hands full with Mariana's teenage rebellion. Dyeing her hair blonde in the promo will just be the tip of the iceberg for what's to come. Mariana is going to challenge Stef and Lena at every turn in Season 2, which will be so inconvenient with that new baby and all.

Brandon Will Give Up On His Dream

Back in March we learned that Brandon will join a band in Season 2, which makes sense now that his dreams of being a concert pianist have been crushed. Literally. Will this be his way of coping with the fact that he's lost his incredibly talent forever? Possibly. He obviously can't go to Juilliard anymore — at least, not right now — so the next best thing will be joining a band. I can't live without listening to him sing sad songs about Callie, I just can't.

Baby Drama

With everyone so excited for Lena to have this baby, we can't ignore the fact that Jude just got adopted. Too many great things at once don't always work out for this family. Case and point: Callie's failed adoption. And, with Jude just joining the family and his prior issues with feeling ignored, the focus being on the new baby and not him will cause some problems. Jude won't run away and sure, it's set in stone that he's a part of the family now, but that doesn't mean he's not going to feel a little sad and a little ignored while Stef and Lena have all of their energy focused on the new baby.

Image: ABC Family