'Bachelorette' Stars Juan Pablo & Zak W.'s Duet Is a Battle to Become Next 'Bachelor'

While Bachelorette Desire Hartsock is off somewhere being super dull and wondering if her weight loss was worth it, her former suitors are out having a ball. Bachelorette rejects Juan Pablo and Zak W. can't stop, won't stop. After the "Men Tell All" special, the two guys decided it was time to blow off some steam. Nope, they didn't head to the bar or engage in a rousing wrestling match (that's what guys do in their spare time, right?), they got in Juan Pablo's car, pumped up the Bruno Mars jams, and made an Instavid. Men in their thirties: they're just like us!

It's nice to see these two getting along, because any day now their friendship is sure to be torn to shreds when Juan Pablo's offered the Bachelor position and Zak W. is sent back to his home in Texas to lick his wounds and write songs about he's staying positive, even though he's too depressed to work on his core.

Because, let's be real: Zak W. is the Michelle Williams to Juan Pablo's Beyoncé.

Photo via Juanpagalavis/Instagram