Selena Gomez's UNICEF Trip Shows She's Really on the Road to Recovery — PHOTOS

She's had a rough few months, but lately Selena Gomez has seemed better than ever. One great sign in particular is Selena Gomez's recent UNICEF trip to Nepal which she shared with fans through Instagram. The actress/singer has been a spokesperson for the children's rights organization since 2008 and an ambassador since 2009 and, in addition to Nepal, she's visited Chile and Ghana on their behalf. Of her most recent trip Gomez said, "The children of Nepal have taught me that with a lot of passion, optimism, and hard work, anything is possible. That's the message I would like to convey to young people across the world: Believe in your dreams and pursue them." But Gomez isn't just talking the talk, on Instagram she's documented her experiences with the Nepali children and it's further proof of her continued healing.

After canceling the Australian leg of her tour and going to rehab for emotional isssues earlier this year, Gomez fans had plenty of reasons to worry about the starlet. But then Gomez started taking charge of her happiness. On the surface it came via a major Instagram unfollowing spree. Gomez dumped all her celeb friends and instead only followed the account for her Dream Out Loud clothing collection. That and a series of thoughtful posts showed that Gomez was going to do her for a while, which couldn't have been a smarter move. But it wasn't until this Nepal trip that Gomez's Instagram account seemed to really reflect that self-love she seemed to be striving so hard for.

The first few pictures she took were were of herself with the Nepali children.

But as her trip lengthened she took to just posting photos of the children, removing herself from being in the image. Instead she was the photographer fully experiencing the situation.

Then she moved into posting sweet, inspiring videos of her time there.

Finally she took to posting photos of Audrey Hepburn, who was also a UNICEF ambassador. If Gomez plans to take cues from Hepburn going forward, she'll too lead a rich, meaningful life.

It's clear that through this trip and these photos something in Gomez has shifted. The smile she wears is not just a camera-ready grin, but the heart-warming beam of someone who is doing good for others. She even captioned one of the videos of the Nepali children "Why would anything else matter?"

This Nepal trip couldn't have come at a better time for the formerly-struggling starlet and I just hope it's an indication of her ever-growing happiness.

Image: Selena Gomez/Instagram [7]