'Sleepy Hollow's Tom Mison Gets Married & The Wedding Is the Opposite of Kimye's

What does the opposite of the Kimye wedding look like? Tom Mison can tell you! It's recently been revealed that Sleepy Hollow 's Tom Mison married his fianc é e Charlotte Coy. Coy was also briefly an actor, but eventually decided to start a business selling vintage items. Actually Mison married her a month ago, but his rep just now confirmed the news to Us Weekly. How's that for a secret wedding?

After the Kim Kardashian/Kanye West nuptials last week it's hard not to compare every celebrity ceremony to that one. When you do that with Mison's marriage, you come up with an event that was basically the exact opposite of the much talked-about Kimye wedding.

While the new Wests invited a huge list of guests including magician David Blaine and everyone from Vogue, a source from the Mison wedding says, "It was a small and intimate family and friends gathering." Also different from the lavish Kimye nuptials was the Misons' decor which the source called "very rustic." Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were anything but rustic with an Italian setting and fancy walls overflowing with white flowers.

The dress Mison's bride wore was "non-traditional" according to the source, which is the opposite of Kardashian's pure white gown decorated with lace and including a train fit for a Princess Diana-type wedding.

Plus, before their ceremony, Mison and Coy kept their relationship largely out of the limelight. In fact, Us Weekly says the last time they were seen in public together was at last year's Fox Upfronts. Since "under wraps" will never be something used to describe Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's relationship, it's clear just how different Mison and Coy are from their fellow celebrity couple.

But hey, it takes all types to keep the world interesting — I guess there's a place for the quiet and the showy in this crazy Hollywood scene. Best of luck to the new couple! (And to Kim and Kanye too!)

Image: Fox