6 Reasons a Destiny's Child Reunion Does Not Need to Happen

Kelly Rowland has seen Destiny's Child through the good times and bad, which included a couple of lineup changes and an eventual breakup, so it's no surprise to hear that in addition to her new husband, the singer gleefully refers to her old group members Michelle Williams and Beyonce as her soul mates. It's a lovely sentiment, but hopefully this doesn't mean they're about to reunite. I say this as a longtime Destiny's Child fan who still knows all of The Writing's on the Wall by heart and has been known to break into a spontaneous, off-key rendition of "Bills, Bills, Bills" whenever I check the mail. This opinion may come as a shock for people who would absolutely love for DC3 to give it another try, but honestly this is one time that reunited doesn't feel so good.

This isn't to say that DC3 shouldn't share the same stage ever again in life. Their Super Bowl performance was awesome, minus the ever-present awkwardness from Michelle. Still, there's something about the idea of them getting back together that makes me feel somewhat conflicted. Other than typing "because I said so" and being completely done with it, there are some perfectly legitimate reasons why DC3 should give it a rest already.

1. They've completely outgrown the group thing. A reunion may tempt Bey's mom to try and dress them in more of those cringe-worthy coordinated outfits she designed.


It doesn't take a card-toting member of the Beyhive to see that she overshadows them. As fierce as Kelly is, I still don't see it for them coming back together. Maybe Kelly and Bey would make a good duo. Maybe my real issue here is Michelle...

3. Yes, basically it is a matter of Michelle's presence, which cannot be ignored. Beyonce and Kelly have always been a little more risque, but lately Bey has fully and freely embraced her grown woman status and now provides sex fulfillment tips to the masses. Kelly has an equally sexy image these days, so she's a good fit. But will Michelle ride shotgun in a sex-on-wheels vehicle? Probably not. And at this point, does anyone want to see a sexier side of gospel-singing Michelle? Probably not. Sorry Michelle.

4. Willy Kelly ever increase her own stock if she keeps going back into the group? Just look at how much she's grown since leaving the Destiny's Child nest.

5. Danity Kane's reunion brings me more excitement. I take that as a sign that DC3 should definitely continue on their separate paths.

6. Finally, there's a reason Justin's not going back to 'NSYNC. Take heed, DC3.