The Most Frustrating Part of 'I Wanna Marry Harry'

We've now seen three episodes of I Wanna Marry Harry and it's clear these girls are never going to decide one way or the other whether Matt Hicks is actually Prince Harry. Contrary to popular belief, this show is not as straightforward as everyone thinks. So far the women have never directly been told that this is Prince Harry, things have merely just been hinted at. As a result, the women spend most of their time talking about whether it really is him. They use evidence like, "He said his brother recently settled down" as proof that obvs this is Harry and he was talking about William because older brothers that get married are very rare in the UK or something. It's a really frustrating conversation to keep watching the women have time and time again.

To further attempt to convince the women of his royal status, the show staged a paparazzi attack during Kimberly's date while they were hanging out in the woods. As far as Kimberly knows she's now splashed across a bunch of tabloids.

As Rose did when Harry "let slip" that she was the date of a Royal, Kim scurries back to the women to report on what happened in the forest. They are pretty convinced that this is Prince Harry because who else in Britain could the paparazzi possibly care about besides Prince Harry, Prince William, and David Beckham? "We know British people, right?" asks Kimberly.

The show made a mock-up of a tabloid cover featuring the paparazzi snapshots which I feel like the girls should have seen to further convince them, but they seem pretty convinced anyway. "I'm definitely flirting with the idea that maybe this is Prince Harry," says former skeptic Jacqueline. In fact for much of the episode they seem finally ready to fully hop on board the "He's Prince Harry" trolly and put an end to this debate. Unfortunately the promo for next week spoils that (dang), but more on that later.

I'd have to say this is one of the more believable episodes. You can tell Matt Hicks is becoming more comfortable in the role. Plus knowing that Prince Harry has actually twerked and does like to party helped me (and probably the girls) believe that he really would throw a pool party and get a little wild.

I was pretty pleased that the women have jumped on the believer train and put an end to the back and forth, but at dinner time they seem doubtful again. While I'm frustrated as a viewer because I hate deliberation, as a human I'm glad these women aren't as easily tricked as everyone wants to believe they are.

The dinner talk has some people suggesting that maybe he's royal but not the Prince Harry. "Did Prince Charles remarry?" one girl asks. "Yeah to Camilla," another replies and I'm confused how they know Prince Charles' 2nd wife's name but they don't know what Prince Harry looks like. "Maybe she has kids," another suggests. Yes, perhaps they are dating the semi-royal step-child of Prince Charles. Now that would be a twist.

Voice of reason Rose ironically points out that "Since we're Americans we might not know all the intricacies of royal family." Good thing too, or there would be no show. I think the conclusion they still come to is that it's actually Prince Harry? Who even knows anymore.

It doesn't matter anyway because the promo for next week's episode shows Anna Lisa is over this ruse and she announces, "I'm telling you it's not Harry. It doesn't look like him." Finally someone has made a decision one way or the other. "It's the nose," she says. Okay? I may know what Prince Harry looks like, but I couldn't pick his nose out of a lineup. (Haha, pick his nose.) More power to her for knowing the specific details of his facial features.

Perhaps to convince nonbelievers like Anna Lisa, the promo also shows that the producers photoshop a photo of Prince Harry and Prince William to casually leave it out for the girls to find. Will they finally come to a consensus next week? Will this debate continue literally all season? Has three episodes of this show melted my brain a little bit? I don't know the answer to the first two questions but the answer to the last one is a resounding yes.

Image: Fox; Martha Sorren; Tumblr/ryanseacrest