Maks Chmerkovskiy & Meryl Davis are Back Together, So Why Was He With Kate Upton? — PHOTOS

Maksim Chmerkovskiy needs to stop playing with our emotions. Doesn't he know how fragile Maksyl fans are after that dark week in which the two of them went their separate ways after one last interview to confirm that Maks and Meryl aren't dating (yet)? Doesn't he know how fragile Maksyl fans are in general now that their season on Dancing with the Stars is over? Have a heart, Maks! The latest dramatic twist in the neverending love story of Maks and Meryl happened over the weekend. Maks and Kate Upton met up at Tao in New York City, prompting Maks to pose a cozy picture of the two of them to Instagram because he's secretly the devil.

According to E! News, the not-date was a complete accident. Upton was there with her family and friends while Maks was having a guys night out with a different group. When they noticed each other, they hung out for a bit and took a picture, but left separately and are far from back together. In fact, Upton is currently back with Justin Verlande of the Detroit Tigers while Maks is dating Maryl Davis. Oh, wait, you mean that last thing still hasn't happened yet? Are you sure?

In the photo, which has since been deleted from Maks' Instagram page, Upton and Maks look friendly — and nothing more. He's wearing a playfully bemused expression and she's grinning toothily back at him with plenty of distance between them despite the fact that Upton has an arm thrown over his shoulder. Of course, as I said, the Maksyl fans have been in a precarious position over the last week and a half, so none of them can be blamed for going a little crazy over the picture.

As if in apology, Maks posted another photo to his Instagram on Tuesday, one that will make almost all of your Maks and Meryl fantasies come true. After their week and a half apart, Maks and Meryl are back together again with a photo op to prove it. The picture was captioned, "All is right in the world again! Got my long awaited hug!" Aww.

Compared to the picture he took with Upton, Maks and Meryl look a lot cozier. Her head is tucked between his cheek and his shoulder, he has an arm wrapped around her waist to keep her pressed against him, and neither of them are joking around — Maks is looking directly at the camera with a small smile on his face and Meryl is doing her own trade mark grin. Reunited and it feels so good, right guys?

Upton and Maks may have dated briefly before, but one only needs to put the picture he took with her on Saturday alongside any picture he's ever taken with Meryl to see that Upton's no threat to their relationship just yet. And now that they're back in the same place, maybe it will finally be time for Maks and Meryl's wedding plans to move forward. In the meantime, Maks really needs to stop giving fans of him and Meryl such heart attacks.

Image: maksylprompts/Tumblr; maksimc/Instagram; teammnv/Instagram