Here's An Alternate, Happy Ending to That 'GOT' Ep

Still sad about Oberyn's death? Me, too. I was in a candy store and saw some candy called "Eye Poppers" and I nearly lost it like I was Ellaria Sand. But since the Internet loves us Game of Thrones fans, it has given us an alternate ending to Episode 8 "The Mountain andThe Viper," because why should we have to endure such grief? Something must be able to lift our spirits!

Because let's face it: it was a pretty jarring and disturbing death sequence, gory even by Game of Thrones normal throat-slitting standards. Given Pedro Pascal's phenomenal turn as Oberyn Martell, the vengeful prince who came to King's Landing to do one thing — avenge his sister's death in the name of justice — it was sad to see him go. The whole Internet erupted in cyber-tears! Still, can we give the guy an Internet version of a standing ovation for that incredible performance?

And lest we forget, in addition to his out-of-this-world ability to verbally joust with his acting skills, he also had killer actual jousting skills. Those combat tricks and those moves in the fight sequence! So it's only fitting that this alternate ending involves what would happen if his leaps and tricks and jumps helped him somehow escape...

And that is how they do things in Dorne.

Image: HBO; Gfycat