Rose Byrne & 'Neighbors' Producers May Team Up Again & We Can't Wait to See What's In Store

Without a doubt, Neighbors was a pretty darn hilarious movie. But on top of all of its hilarity and Zac Efron's ab-glory, someone really stood out, and that was a certain lady. So are we surprised that Rose Byrne may have a new movie in the works with the Neighbors producers? Nope, not at all! In fact, this is the stuff dreams are made of — well, almost.

The Neighbors producers, Seth Rogen's Point Grey Pictures and Good Universe, along with its studio, Universal are currently courting Byrne, who is now one of the most in-demand comedy actresses in the biz, to star in The Something. The movie, which will be helmed by former Late Show With David Letterman head writer Rodney Rothman, will be about astronauts who get lost in space. All sounds good, right? But here's the pitch: she'd be playing a love interest who is described as "an approachable beauty, though she hates being approached."

So...a love interest?

Granted, without further info about the project, we can cut the producers some slack for casting her in a role labeled "love interest". Without further info about Neighbors, someone could have described her role as a "love interest" of Seth Rogen's character, when she was far more than just that. So we'll have to wait and see if Byrne latches onto this project to find out more about this supposed "love interest" role.

Because as we all know, Byrne killed it in Neighbors in a role that proved she was a total comic dynamo; it leveled her as an even player on a mostly male playing field. After watching that, we were like, "oh, man. Can someone give this lady a movie in which she stars?" She was scene-stealing in Bridesmaids, we know she'll be excellent in Annie, and we know that she's gonna crush it in the family dramedy This Is Where I Leave You .

And yes — it's easy to hear "Rose Byrne is in a new movie," and say, "yes, please!" but let's give this leading lady a starring role. Then the response will be more along the lines of, "YES! Thank you!"