Nicolas Cage Accidentally Embraces His Internet Image in Latest Film 'Rage' — VIDEO

Nicolas Cage took a break from acting but now he's back...with more of the same. Somewhere along the way in his career his acting became a bit of an Internet joke, and Nicolas Cage's newest movie Rage is only going to fuel that. We had a lot of hope for Cage's return to acting with his critically acclaimed film Joe, but now it seems he's reverted back to Nicolas 'Cheesy Meltdown' Cage. Rage will be familiar to you because it features more overdramatic anger.

Originally titled Tokarev, Rage is just another generic action film starring the Cage-isms we've come to love to mock. The plot of the film centers around Cage's daughter getting kidnapped by a Russian gang. It's understandable that his character would be angry, but Cage just takes it to that over-the-top level. There's a reason there are videos mocking the patented Nicolas Cage meltdown, because he does it all the time. I love Nicolas Cage, really, but I think it would be cool for him to play a role outside of his norm a little bit. Maybe he should try a romantic comedy or another Indie film like Joe. But Rage, which is just going to birth a thousand "Nicolas Rage" headlines, is more of the same from an actor whose comeback desperately needs him to continue to develop.

Watch the new clip starring said Nicolas Rage below:

And here's the extended trailer:

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And just for fun, Nicolas Cage losing his sh*t: