About That Time Emily Blunt Almost Killed Tom Cruise... — VIDEO

Memo: Tom Cruise does not like being in the passenger seat, and here's some proof why that might be the case. While filming a stunt scene for The Edge of Tomorrow, Emily Blunt almost killed Tom Cruise. Yup, that's correct — the lovely Emily Blunt caused a near-death experience for Cruise, and now you can watch a video of her recounting the tale through laughter (don't worry — it's funny, not tragic! Cruise lives!) to Conan O'Brien on Wednesday night's edition of Conan.

So, here's essentially what went down: Blunt was driving a stunt car and Cruise was in the passenger seat, which obviously he hates. He's Tom Cruise. He likes to be in control. Cruise was telling Blunt to brake since apparently, he really, really can't handle this whole passenger seat thing. Blunt didn't take Cruise's frantic instructions — she didn't brake in time, and she ended up crashing the stunt car into a tree. Don't worry, though! Cruise was laughing, and Blunt reveals in the video that she actually thought he was being super annoying when he was telling her to brake. Let her be in control of her stunt driving, ya know?

Hopefully the plot The Edge of Tomorrow — which is essentially Groundhog Day , with tons of action — hasn't infiltrated Cruise and Blunt's real lives — this probably isn't an event they want to re-live over and over again. This video, however, you may want to watch over and over again, just because you may be like whaa? Emily Blunt almost did that to Tom Cruise?! But you might also wonder if this is just lingering hostility towards Cruise's action films; even though she's revoked the statement now, Emily Blunt did once say that she never wanted be in a Tom Cruise movie...

Check it out: