He Knows Something After All!

by Mallory Schlossberg

Jon Snow actually does know something! In fact, Kit Harington, the man behind those locks and Castle Black, has a method to knowing how things go down in Game of Thrones. Kit Harington has shared his Game of Thrones strategy in order to see if he succeeds at playing the often fateful game. In fact, he has said that he and the entire cast share the same methodology when it comes to finding out their character's fates — they flip to the back of the scripts and see if they live or they die. Talk about spoilers!

So, contrary to Ygritte's constant assertions that Jon Snow knows nothing other than how to make a Wildling incapable of faking an orgasm ever again, Kit Harington knows his character's trajectory. But hey, if you want to know if you get to stay on with Game of Thrones or if that job is coming to an end, ya gotta employ some kind of tactic. With Game of Thrones, no one is safe — you never know whose eyes will be popped out next (sorry, I'm still grieving over Oberyn's recent demise). And with the upcoming Battle of Castle Black, Jon Snow's fate might be at risk. Will he live or will he die?! Well, he knows if he will...

But the actors are actually never safe til the director screams "cut!"— the writers play practical jokes on the actors by killing them off in fake scripts. So just like in Game of Thrones, ya never know if you're getting a happy wedding or a Red Wedding. Well, if it's a wedding and it's Game of Thrones, it's probably not going to be a happy ending.

Image: Imgur