'GoT's The Mountain Does Kids' Parties — VIDEO

*Shudders*. While we were all reeling and horrified by Sunday night's Game of Thrones brawl in "The Mountain and the Red Viper", The Mountain himself was off trying to make a birthday wish come true. But, unfortunately, his reputation precedes him — even with young children. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, aka The Mountain, dressed up like The Avengers ' Incredible Hulk and surprised a kid's birthday party. And he's just as terrifying covered in green paint as he is gouging Oberyn Martell's eyes out — even though his heart was in the right place this time.

An Icelandic news station broadcasted the story of how the brutal GoT character who doubles as the strongest man in Iceland went all-out to help a couple of parents scare the crap out of their kid on his birthday. Björnsson was approached by the parents after their three-year-old son asked for the Hulk for his birthday and, unlike his Westeros counterpart, the actor happily agreed to sit through two hours of make-up application to transform into the superhero. Whatta guy, right — from brutal murders to making a little boy's birthday wish come true all in one week.

The news segment followed Björnsson through the make-up process and honestly, he does look a hell of a lot like The Avengers character. Which means he was about 1000 times too scary for a kid's birthday party and these parents didn't really think it through so well. Watch Björnsson's transformation, his party entrance as the Hulk, and all of the kids' priceless reactions here:

So, is there an Avengers reboot in the works for this guy yet or what?

Image: HBO