Disney's 'Frozen' Cruises to Norway Will Allow You to Build Your Own Olaf

Do you want to build a snowman? But like...in Norway? Apparently, Frozen fans do. In fact, Disney is now capitalizing on the animated film's popularity, and as a result, there are now Frozen -inspired Norweigan cruises and tours. But you can't be surprised — there's Frozen everything out there. Of course people want to get as close to the fictional Arendelle as they possibly can.

But before Disney even launched their Frozen adventures, Norway had started to see major spikes in its visits from U.S. citizens. Frozen has boosted Norway's tourism tremendously, since fans are so anxious to take pictures of things that at least resemble the movie (spoiler: things are not in CGI. C'mon, people.) In fact, Harold Hansen, the spokesperson for Visit Norway, told the AP that hotel bookings the first quarter of the year were up 37% from 2013 and that tours were seeing a 40% sales increase, largely in part to Frozen's success. Hansen said:

We noticed a huge increase from the U.S. already in November and December last year, just after we started our marketing with Disney in October.

But instead of balking at an animated musical serving as the inspiration that brings swarms of people to their homeland, people are embracing it, since it's allowing people to see beautiful parts of the world that they might have not have chosen to see before. Barbara Banks, spokesperson for Wilderness Travel, said:

People just hadn't seen these remarkable landscapes before [...] The movie represents the folk culture in such an engaging way, and the landscapes and architecture are so stunning, and they are all based on real places.

So while it's easy to make a "do you want to go to Norway?" joke (somebody please, make that video) with this information, we've got to admit that exposure to other countries is actually one of the good side effects of Frozen mania. So yes, go build that snowman in Norway! Just be careful of all of the other Frozen fans also building snowmen there. I've heard they're prone to breaking out into song.

Image: Disney; Twitter