'Under the Dome' Gets A Second Season, Is No Longer a Miniseries

A miniseries no more: Under the Dome, the adaptation of the Stephen King novel about a town that mysteriously finds itself trapped under (you got it) a dome, has been renewed for second season after its first season — billed as a miniseries — produced strong numbers.

A whopping 13.5 million viewers tuned into the series' premiere, with Under the Dome attracting 20 million on average, counting DVR and other forms of playback.

The series will join the roster of hits on TV's strongest network — but, like most shows on CBS, will likely continue to field criticisms about its laziness. But Bustle's own Henning Fog sees a brighter future for Under the Dome with the series' recent missile revelation. Will the series be able to avoid the pitfalls of other CBS series, or the dreaded sophomore slump? (But, hey, at least Breaking Bad's Dean Norris has a steady gig locked in after his beloved AMC series ends.)

We'll find out when Season 2 of Under the Dome premieres in summer 2014 with an episode written by King himself.