Check Out The 'The Best of Me' Trailer

James Marsden finally gets his shot! Remember how in The Notebook he was the guy that Rachel McAdams almost was with instead of Ryan Gosling? He gets the girl this time in the trailer for The Best of Me . For anyone else who still considers Marsden her former (or current) crush or remembers him as prince charming from Enchanted, you'll be so ready to watch him in take the lead in this new Nicholas Sparks romance. Well, that is, if you're into Nicholas Sparks-inspired movies. This movie is very Nicholas Sparks.

In fact, there's even something very Nicholas Sparks-ian about Marsden's appearance in the movie. He actually stepped in for Paul Walker after his tragic and too-soon death to play the role of Dawson.

So what's the movie about? Well, it's inspired by a Sparks book, so you know the romantic deal: Dawson's a dude who fell in love with Amanda (Michelle Monaghan), whose father, in a very Sparks sort of way, says "you can't be together," for reasons that can only keep love apart for so long. Twenty years later, they reunite, still love each other, kiss each other in the rain, we cry, and it's like The Notebook all over again. Only it's The Best of Me, not The Notebook.

The film, which is directed by Michael Hoffman, doesn't hit theaters until October 17, but you can read the book on which its based, or you can watch this trailer and feel your tears start jerkin' already.

Image: Youtube