Melanie Griffith & Antonio Banderas Are Getting Divorced, Officially

So sad, but so official. Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith are divorcing after 18 years of marriage. The couple cite that they are calling it quits on account of irreconcilable differences. Despite these differences, it seems the divorce has still ended amicably. Griffith is the one filing for divorce, and according to TMZ, her legal documents state that she's requesting child support and joint custody of their 17-year-old daughter, Stella. However, other legal matters seem to be tougher to settle, as the couple owns a vast amount of real estate in both the United States and Spain.

This isn't the first time the 56-year-old actress or the 53-year-old actor has gone through a divorce. This is Griffith's fourth divorce, and it's Banderas's second. She was married previously to Don Johnson (their daughter is Dakota Johnson, who is Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey ) twice, and she was also previously wed to Steve Bauer. Banderas was married to Ana Leza before their split.

The couple has had problems for some time have been battling breakup rumors for years, especially when Griffith was overcoming her addiction to painkillers. Unfortunately, as sad as it is to hear that they're ultimately splitting, the breakup rumors have now come to realization. Hopefully, it's for the best.