Channel Olivia Pope In The Office

TV is great for many things: procrastination, escapism, and finding new celebrity crushes. (Looking at you, Jon Snow.) Another great reason to stay glued to your Netflix account is the amazing fashion inspiration provided by characters on your favorite shows. The women that we see on the television screen are often inspiring in many ways, and their fashion sense is no different. Iconic shows like Sex and the City and Friends shaped the closets of an entire generation of women. Who says that today's shows can't do the same?

With graduation season in full swing, professional wear is on a lot of grads' minds. A new group of young professionals are entering the workforce, and need new clothes to show it! Luckily, a handful of the TV shows that college students use to procrastinate their academic workload can also be an inspiration to them upon receiving their diploma. When considering professional inspiration, Parks and Rec's Leslie Knope evolves from a hilarious homework distraction to a total office babe, rocking pantsuits and pearls better than most real-life politicians. These types of style icons can be found everywhere on your favorite shows, from office comedies to scandalous dramas. Here are a few of the best professional-wear inspirations from today's TV.

The Office's White Collar Chic

Angela's Lovely Layering

Everybody's favorite judgmental coworker is a pro at layering her workplace-appropriate duds.

Pam's Sparkling Sweaters

This half of the best couple on TV shows us that it's okay to shine in your office.

Office Inspiration

Each lady on The Office is a workplace fashion icon, dressing for her body type and making as laugh along the way.

Scandal-ously Sartorial

Olivia Pope's White-Hot Style

Olivia Pope knows how to rock her work wardrobe, and stands out in every episode. However, her white-on-white ensembles are the greatest, showing that you can look sexy and still be taken seriously.

Thanks to this lovely lady, pairing pristinely white pieces has never seemed more doable.

Pawnee Pretty: Parks and Rec's Stylish Ladies

Leslie Knope's Boss Blazers

This ambitious city employee is a great example of blazers done right.

Donna Meagle's Sassy Style

Donna pairs colors perfectly, always topping her drool-worthy outfits with a fun accessory.

April Ludgate's Tailored Tops

April may seem like she doesn't enjoy the Parks Department, but she presents herself beautifully with layered blouses and sweaters.

Ann Perkins' Printed Pops of Color

Ann, you beautiful tropical fish, you are the greatest inspiration for incorporating fun prints into a serious wardrobe.

Stylish Fun in The Mindy Project

Dr. Mindy Lahiri's Daring Prints

This fabulous physician exudes confidence through her perfectly paired outfits. I'm seriously inspired by the way that she wears loud prints while still appearing professional.

Pairing a loud print with a bright color might intimidate many women in the workplace, but Mindy nails it every time.

Thanks to her fabulous fashion sense, preparing for the office without sacrificing style seems achievable!

Images: ABC; Giphy