Tracy Morgan Crash Witness Describes the Tragic & Horrific Scene

We're gaining more information on the crash that critically injured Tracy Morgan rapidly, yet none of it makes the situation seem any better. The crash was caused by a dozing Walmart truck driver who struck Tracy's tour bus and an SUV, injuring Tracy and six others, and killing comedian James McNair. An eye witness who was unharmed has been found, and she described the crash as "horrific," which it most certainly was.

According to the witness, who has asked to go by Vicktoria, stated that Tracy's Mercedes tour bus was struck, then flipped, coming to rest on the driver's side. She also confirmed that the truck hit another SUV, but did not harm the driver. Although she didn't go into detail about the injuries of the seriously injured passengers, she did say that "You could see blood everywhere," "You could tell it was really bad," and "It was like a movie in slow motion." All of these descriptors point to the seriousness of the crash, which has resulted in the truck driver being charged with one count of death by auto and four counts of assault by auto.

Vicktoria was also one of the first responders on the scene, and her efforts to get the injured out of their cars while trying to keep them out of shock were very brave. Although the new information may not make the crash seem less grave, at least we know that there are still people willing to help when terrible things happen.