13 Reasons Rowing Is About To Take Over

by Meredith Lepore
Alex Livesey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Don't get it twisted — SoulCycle's popularity and cult status is still as bright as a Lululemon flourescent pink. But the indoor cycling exercise chain may finally have some competition. Yes, it was only a matter of time before another boutique fitness workout tried to steal the hearts of people obsessed with exercise, pop songs played at full volume, and sweating buckets. One of those workouts that could soon be challenging the whole indoor cycling movement to a West Side Story-esque dance off? Rowing.

That's right, rowing. You know, that machine that your dad uses in the attic when he listens to the Grateful Dead once a year, is (dare I say it), so hot right now. Channel your inner Winklevoss twin, because rowing is officially your new sports trend.

With the speedy launches of rowing studios like CityRow, RowZone, Brooklyn Crew, and GoRow in NYC, New Jersey, Los Angeles and Chicago, the rowing machine is the next big thing in working out and could start to infringe upon indoor cycling territory.

"The rower is prime to have its moment and is steadily gaining popularity as a result of people simply becoming smarter about their workouts and determining what is right for their body," Helaine Knapp, the founder of the CityRow rowing studio, tells Bustle.

"We're in a position where health and wellness advice is everywhere and there's a place to exercise on every corner. The question isn't whether or not to workout, its what to do. When you're looking for something that's high in intensity, but low in impact, rowing just wins — saving your joints and improving your posture, yet still working 85 percent of your muscles and getting that heart rate up?" Yes please.

Still not convinced? I've tried the trend, and here are 13 reasons why I'm convinced rowing is about to be the new workout all the cool kids are doing.

it's a total body workout

Not that riding a bike isn't an excellent workout (it has definitely helped me get in shape), but with rowing, you're really in for it.

"Each rep is essentially a leg press, a dead lift, and a row. And because you're working every muscle group in your body, your heart rate is elevated," Garrett Roberts, an exercise physiologist and the founder of GoRow Studios in Hoboken, New Jersey says. "Plus, you need to establish a more complex rhythm than pedaling. It's part of the challenge, but once you find that groove it becomes this kind of high."

you're not hunched over

Yes, you are moving your legs, but you are still bent over. But with rowing, you are opening up that body. Rowing can also help you get your upper back stronger; something we all desperately need.

With Rowing classes, you get off the machine

In most of these rowing classes you actually get off the machine for intervals to do mat work, weight training, and squats. You also use the machine in different ways to workout different muscles.

It's great if you're recovering from an injury

Rowing is low impact, making it great if you're nursing an old injury that running on hard pavement will only make worse.

um, Francis Underwood has a rowing machine

The rowing machine used at many of these studios, The WaterRower, is the same one used on House of Cards . Unless they can get the Orange is the New Black girls to take a very special trip to a SoulCycle studio, this is sure to help.

it's good enough for the Winklevoss twins

Yeah, they are kind of asshats but they were the hottest part of The Social Network.

Three words: Dead Poet's Society

Seize the day.

There are usually windows in rowing studios

I'm all for the whole nightclub vibe in indoor cycling studios, but sometimes it is really nice to work out and see the sunshine. CityRow's studio is gorgeous and filled with natural light.

It's got the fashion crowd hooked

SoulCycle is known for its poshness, but apparently, rowing is already hitting it off with the busy fashion crowd. And you know they need to look good, quick.

Wall Streeters are onboard

Knapp says she has seen many Wall Streeters stopping in after a long day or on a Saturday morning.

celebrities are also getting into it

Including Jason Statham, Zac Efron and Josh Hutcherson!! Peeta!!

Rowing is being spurred by entrepreneurs

Like SoulCycle, the rowing trend is being carried out by entrepreneurs. Knapp started CityRow because she saw the appeal of boutique fitness and that people want to get an amazing workout in a short amount of time. "My dream is to run a little empire in Lululemon jumpsuits. That’s what I’ve been saying forever,” Knapp says.

It's for yogis too

Some of the studios incorporate yoga into the workout as well. The Row & Flow class at CityRow incorporates vinyasa moves.

this doesn't happen

'Nough said.