Did You See Her in Your Movie Theater?

You remember when John Green revealed he sneaked into The Fault in Our Stars showings? Remember when he revealed that the cast was going to be doing that, too? Well, this is your chance to hope that The Fault in Our Stars was so boring that your eyes slid off the screen for a minute. Or that you had to take your eyes off the screen to wipe away all your tears. Why? Well, because Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort did sneak into a TFIOS showing. And it was awesome.

Although they wisely didn't reveal exactly where and which theater the two of them popped up in, Elgort kept us up to date on this incredibly occurrence with something a little better than a casual tweet. He took photographic evidence. Of course, this is to be expected from the boy who revealed that he takes selfies with his own movie posters, but, hey, I'm certainly not complaining.

Hilariously enough, although Elgort appears to have gone to the movie as is (if not with his hair darkened, though that could be the lighting), Woodley donned a disguise to keep the pair of them from getting mobbed. That makes sense, as The Fault in Our Stars will probably be the movie to finally put Elgort on everyone's radar, while Woodley already has fame from the Divergent franchise under her belt and thus can't navigate around as easily.

Elgort posted a selfie of himself with Woodley, who was wearing a curly wig and minimal makeup. It was captioned, "Shai's amazing disguise to go see #tfios last night without causing a scene!"

See? Sometimes paying rapt attention to a movie you've been waiting for months to see can actually work to your disadvantage. Next time you go and see a highly-anticipated film with two of the dorkiest co-leads in the world, make sure you check the back row on your way in and out of the theater. Apparently, your chances are good that they might be sitting there sharing the popcorn that Woodley snuck in with.

Image: anselelgort/Instagram