6 Life Lessons Rihanna Can Give to Her New Niece

Rihanna can't spend all of her time working to #FreeTheNipple with Scout Willis. Around her outrageous stunts and colorful hairstyle changes (coming in second only to Demi Lovato's), Rihanna has taken on a more tender role. On Monday morning, Rihanna shared photos of her baby niece on her Twitter, prompting cries of awwww all across the land. She's even changed her wallpaper of a topless TLC to a picture of the baby's little foot, really driving home what a proud aunt she is.

Referring to herself as "Aunty Oh Na Na", Rihanna showed off more pictures of her niece and nephew than a first time father would of their newborn. It was practically adorable, a word that's increasingly difficult to apply to the woman who showed up in public in a sheer dress that left none of her... assets to the imagination. However, the fact of the matter is that Rihanna's "wild side" does not disqualify her from being an amazing relative to have and, when you think about it, she's practically the number one candidate for the stereotypical "cool aunt" that every child wishes they had.

In fact, her niece is in incredibly good hands because there are a lot of excellent life lessons that Rihanna can pass on to her as she grows up.

Be Yourself

Is Rihanna holding the baby while wearing a shirt that says "Weird Shit Is Happening"? Yes, she is. Why? Because she's Rihanna and she can do whatever she wants. If there's one lesson that Rihanna is going to pass on to her niece, it's that she shouldn't be afraid of her own individuality no matter what anyone says. Do you, little one. Do you.

Never Settle

All you have to do is listen to Rihanna's music to know that when it comes to love, Rihanna won't settle for anything less than what makes her happy. When her niece grows up, there's no way Rihanna is going to let her date just any guy, not without acknowledging that she needs to aim for the guy who makes her feel like she's the only girl in the world.

Own Thy Selfie

Clearly, it's never too soon in your life to take a selfie, even if it's just your Aunt Oh Na Na holding the camera for you. Rihanna's racier pictures may have gotten her banned from Instagram, but that's what Twitter is for and she's still as proud of her glamor shots as she was before she got banned. Coaching her niece on the art of the good selfie is the next natural step.

Treat Yourself

As hard as life might be — especially when you're an internationally famous pop star — you've always got to remember to take time to yourself so you don't burn out. Whether it's taking a vacation or just taking a nap, the world is far too busy a place to let the stress get to you. Rihanna is the best person to show her niece how to remember to have fun.

Family Comes First

Considering Rihanna went so far as to disappear for two days to be there for her niece and nephew and replaced her statement photograph of TLC with her niece's foot as a Twitter wallpaper, it's clear that family will always come first to her. That's a great lesson to pass down to her niece, because everything else is temporary but family is forever — for better or worse.

You Da One

No matter what anyone says, there's only one of you and so there's no point in pretending to be anyone else. Oh, what? That's not what Rihanna's "You Da One" is actually about? Too bad. The fact of the matter is, Rihanna has self-confidence down to an art form and passing that torch to her niece would be the greatest lesson of all.

Image: rihanna/Twitter (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)