Does This 'Ship Have A Chance In 'PLL' Season 5?

by Christine DiStasio

She's back, bitches — so whose life will she ruin first? The highly anticipated premiere of Pretty Little Liars Season 5 will air on June 10 and we're all wondering the same thing: will Alison DiLaurentis fit in after playing dead for all this time? And even more importantly, will the Ali and Emily 'ship finally sail? Personally, I hope not. Sasha Pieterse and Shay Mitchell don't seem optimistic about Emison's odds either, as the PLL stars dropped some Season 5 spoilers to E! and it doesn't look good. I mean, Ali is kind of a manipulative bitch, so it's probably for the best.

PLL fans are painfully aware that Emily would follow Alison to the end of the Earth if she asked her to — even though Ali hardly deserves it. (Remember when Emily basically lied to her friends and alienated herself because Ali told her that she was the only one she could trust?) It's all because Alison is Emily's "first love" and she's still not over it, even though Emily's been in a handful of relationships since she disappeared. I'd be happy that they could finally have their chance, if Ali didn't have Emily under her thumb and manipulate her so easily. And if Ali didn't just spend years pretending to be dead because, hello, that's effed up.

Anyway, my reservations about this relationship aside, Pieterse and Mitchell, who play Ali and Emily, respectively, don't really think they have a future either. Mitchell told E!'s Kristen Dos Santos that the biggest thing coming in Season 5 for her character is Alison's return, with Emily grappling with those long-lost feelings about Ali being her "first love." Mitchell also teased that Emily and Paige's rocky relationship will factor into the new dynamic of Ali coming back into the fold. But don't start 'shipping just yet — Mitchell also told Dos Santos about whether Ali's feelings for Emily were real:

I mean, how could you not love Emily? I mean, I think she did love Emily. I just don't know if it was in the same way that Emily did for her.

Mitchell also teased that we could "possibly" be looking at a love triangle in Season 5, but I don't think we should get our hopes up. Sure, Alison loved Emily — in the same way a predator loves the prey it's stalking. I'm sorry, people, but I just have a hard time believing that Ali has ever been genuine in her entire life. I mean, all of her relationships were based on a foundation of lies and manipulation.

As for Pieterse, who plays the master-manipulator in question, the actress seems to think a little higher of Ali than I do. She admitted that she believes that Ali did have something special with Emily that was different from her relationships with the other girls. Pieterse also told Dos Santos that Emily does have feelings for Ali, but she's not so sure that Ali feels the same. The actress said of the Season 5 possibility that Emison (P.S. she knows you're rooting for them) will get together:

I mean, Emily definitely has feelings for Alison. I think they're real feelings — it might mean that they're one-sided, but they've always had a special connection.

Obviously Pieterse and Mitchell couldn't tell us flat-out that Emison will happen in Season 5. But, judging by their little smirks in their respective interviews, we're not going to take anything they're saying for granted. If Emison gets together — and that's a huge if — Ali will absolutely need to prove that she's a real person again (considering she never did anything sincere in the past). But between Pieterse's little comment about Emily's feelings being "one-sided" and Mitchell not knowing whether or not Ali really reciprocated them, a relationship doesn't sound promising.

Because this is PLL, I'm sure they'll grapple with their feelings for one another, but I only see Ali letting Emily down. Hard. Just because she's alive, doesn't mean she's learned her lesson about treating people how she wants to be treated.

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