Mick Faces Unfair Criticism from L'Wren's Sister

It has been nearly three months since the suicide of fashion designer L'Wren Scott, which shocked both the world and her family and friends alike. The designer's partner of almost 13 years, Mick Jagger, is now coming under fire for his recent "fling" with a younger woman — from none other than Scott's sister. Scott's sister, Jan Shane, is speaking out against the Rolling Stones' vocalist in a new interview with The Daily Mirror. According to the site, the rockstar spent the night with a young woman while visiting Switzerland. After photos of Jagger and the woman came out, Shane told the Mirror:

These pictures make me really wonder what Mick is really thinking and feeling. His daughter says that he is still heartbroken and so devastated about losing my sister... And then you see these photos – he will never change.

Clearly, Shane is still in pain from the loss of her sister — whom she has been estranged from for the past six years after a falling out following their mother's death — but these comments are particularly hurtful to Jagger, who also lost someone very dear to him. There is no "correct" way to grieve, and it's presumptuous of anyone to assume that someone is not hurting because they are choosing to move on.

It's understandable that seeing Jagger with another woman shortly after Scott's death would be painful for her loved ones — it is, after all, a sad reminder that she isn't here — but there is no timeline for Jagger's process. It's his call whether he wants to see new people, and it may in fact be a part of how he is coping with Scott's death.

His actions don't necessarily reflect how he feels inside, and it certainly isn't anyone's job to speculate.