Miranda Kerr and Son Flynn Star In 'Vogue' Australia Shoot, Melt Our Collective Hearts

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Celebrity parents are super private creatures. They may be subjected to flashing lights and gossip stories daily, but most parents, even those of the celebrity variety, make a point to keep their children hidden from the watchful eye of the public. But, from time to time, they give us a sneak peak into their children's adorable lives, and we get to see that celebrity parents, just like us, have awesome relationships with their kids (though theirs are admittedly a little more glamorous). And Miranda Kerr, who was recently on the cover of Vogue Australia, is no different, based on her spread.

A teaser on the cover reads, "Mad about her boy," but it isn't a tease for a story about short-lived celebrity love. Rather, the cover surrounds Kerr's unconditional love for her 3-year-old son with ex Orlando Bloom, Flynn. The black-and-white feature spread is filled with photos of the mother-son duo being adorable together — props to such props as stacking boxes and top hats to keep the feel of spread fun. (And that's to say nothing of the awesome fashion — who else wants to pick up Kerr's killer skirt with classy pointy flats and Flynn's white matching pajama set? And is it weird that we're totally jealous of the 3-year-old's wavy coif?) The chemistry between the two is clear, even through the still photos.

Miranda and Flynn aren't the only parent/child celebrity duo that have stolen our hearts with their photo shoots — here are some other spreads that will make you go awww.

1. Britney Spears and her sons pose for the cover of Elle

Britney had her ups and downs in the realm of pop queendom, but she's never looked more at home than while posing next to her kids Jayden and Sean.

2. Kim and Kanye share the spotlight with their daughter North

Yes, these celebrities are famous for loving, well, themselves, but they also seem to have a lot of love for a special little girl in their life. The Vogue spread and cover caused quite the controversy, but their love is clear in the body language.

3. Will and Jaden Smith cover New York Magazine

The Smith family has been under fire this year for their liberal way of parenting and the questionable beliefs that their children seem to be adopting, but after being compared to the Kardashians, Will had to put his foot down. He claims the family isn't "fame-hungry" and focuses on providing a creatively positive environment to grow up in. Still, like the Kardashians, the Smiths do photo shoots together.

4. Madonna snuggles up with her kids in newsprint sheets.

Madge looks cozy in a matching pajama set identical to those adorning her children. This particular feels less like a photo shoot and more like a peek into a Monday morning at their household. (Sidenote: Where can we get those fierce newsprint sheets and pillowcases?)