One Direction Has a New Perfume Coming This Summer & Here Are 9 Educated Guesses As To What It'll Smell Like

Monday morning, Liam Payne took to YouTube to announce that One Direction will be releasing a new fragrance this summer. You & I will be the boy band’s third (!!!!) fragrance. They're fairly new to the perfume game, but they've already had major success: Our Moment hit shelves less than a year ago, and it remains a slam dunk of an eau de parfum. Might as well strike while that perfume iron is hot.

I haven't checked out That Moment (the Our Moment spinoff fragrance), but I do know that its predecessor is an A+ perfume. A delight. A treat. And no, I'm not saying that only because I have a crush on Harry Styles. I am picky about fragrances, celebrity-endorsed or not, and I wouldn't let the beauty of Styles cloud my olfactory judgment. So when I say it's a nice perfume, I mean it.

That being said, I have high expectations for You & I. So, what's the perfume going to smell like? What're the top notes and the bottom notes and the hints? What's its scent inspiration? Its scent-spiration?

“We tried to find a scent that we all like."

That's all I have to work with?!?! Hm. Okay. I have to get in the 1D mindset. If I was a member of a very cute, very wealthy, and very successful pop group, what scent might I like? What scent might speak to me? What scent might speak to all five of us?

Could it smell like a hit song?

Could it smell like a new pair of skinny jeans?

Could it smell like The X Factor stage?

Could it smell like what makes someone beautiful? (That sounds gross. I take it back.)

Could it smell like a BRIT Award?

Could it smell like fame, fortune, and joy?

Could it smell like the comfort of knowing you're impervious to bad hair days?

Could it smell like pizza? (I'm assuming they like pizza. I assume everyone likes pizza.)

Could it smell like freshly laundered bed linens?

I mean, who doesn't love the smell of freshly laundered bed linens? That's the best scent on the planet. I'd wear the shit out of that perfume.

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