Why are People Really Talking ABout J. Lo?

It seems like ages since we were all discussing how Jennifer Lopez had insured her butt for $300 million. Now, it appears that we'll have a new body part of hers to talk about. During her Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon appearance to promote Lopez's upcoming album A.K.A., she proved herself unafraid of showing it off. Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez performed a song called "Tight Pants", which was everything we didn't know we'd been missing, and, yeah, everybody's talking about their tight pants. But can we take a moment to talk about J. Lo's toned abs?

The song featured Fallon wearing a wig with a bowl cut and dancing in a sweater and some tight pants, cheerfully singing, "Everybody's talking 'bout my tight pants. I got my tight pants. I got my tight pants on." Although he claims to be the only one wearing tight pants, Lopez soon shows up to prove him wrong, singing the same song and wearing a similar sweater — except hers is short cut enough to show off her abs. And they were magnificent.

Lopez gave a nod to her much-lauded booty at the end of the number, but perhaps now is the time for us to start talking about something else. We all know that celebrities have access to better trainers than we can ever hope to have, and most celebrities bodies are the stuff that dreams are made of when compared to our own, but J. Lo really showed everybody up with her abs and her tight pants.

Sure, you might end up sobbing into a bowl of ice cream knowing that you're nowhere close to looking like that no matter how committed you've been to your gym routine — or, if you're like me, sobbing into a bowl of ice cream because you know you'll never look like that since you're allergic to the gym — but that won't stop you from being proud of how good J. Lo looks. Abs or no abs, it's good to see that Jenny from the Block is back.

Watch the number below and try not to get the song stuck in your head. I dare you.