Kris Jenner Approves of Jaden Smith So It Might Be Time for Kylie Jenner to Ditch Him

Well, it looks like Kris Jenner approves of her youngest daughter's maybe-boyfriend and the way we can tell is because she approves of him when he's at his weirdest. You know, like when he wears an all white Batman costume to a formal wedding. Kris Jenner loved Jaden Smith's Batman outfit for the Kimye wedding and not only that, she said he quite literally "saved the day." No, no. He didn't rescue North when she was about to put the wedding rings her mouth or book Andrea Bocelli to sing. He just lent her some shoes. Or to be specific, Batman boots.

In an interview with HuffPost Live, Jenner spoke about Smith and it sounds like he really brought a sense of whimsy to the wedding reception. She said,

He is the greatest kid in the world. I'm very close to Jaden and he's like one of my own, you know. And he had this Batman costume on and I thought it was just genius. When you look at it... it sounds just crazy. It was beautiful. He looked so good, and so fun, and he also has a really good sense of humor.

Maybe now that Jenner approves of Smith's antics, Kylie Jenner won't like him anymore because relationships (excuse me, maybe-relationships) are totes boring to teenagers once your mom approves. Or at least that's what sitcoms have taught me.

Jenner went on to explain that the day after the wedding, she had mysteriously lost all of her clothes (some combination of family members definitely stole them for one of Keeping Up with the Kardashians' stupid pranks and it will all be revealed once that particular episode airs). She explained,

I lost my suit and shoes I had gone to Florence in — I couldn't find my clothes. I happened to have a pair of jeans and a jacket and shirt to leave in. But I had no shoes, expect my Giuseppe Zanotti shoes that Guiseppe gave us to wear walking down the aisle, but I couldn't wear those home.

No, you can't wear Giuseppe Zanotti shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti to go home. I mean, they're from Giuseppe himself. Did you hear that they're from Giuseppe?! Giuseppe, Giuseppe, Giuseppe!

She continued, "Jaden came walking out of the hotel and I said. 'Jaden, where's your Batman boots?'... And I borrowed them! So, Batman saved the day."

Isn't that adorable?! Kylie, are you listening? You're mom had a super cute moment with your maybe-boyfriend! It might be time to ditch him.