So Much For That Fairytale Ending

Maybe it's in the spirit of Orange Is The New Black, but some princesses are headed to prison. You've got to see this photo collection of fairytale characters getting mugshots. Artist Marilen Androver, whose awesome work is available to purchase on Society 6, has shed new light on the fairytale world as know it. Think about it: these girls can't be perfect princesses all the time, right?

In fact, this collection shows Alice is someone who is guilty of possessing narcotics — which isn't far fetched, giving the little bottle she drank and the little pill she took, and the very hallucinatory tale that is Alice in Wonderland . Goldilocks is guilty of unlawful entry, which, well, she is. She also ate those bears' porridge and broke their beds. She would go to jail if it weren't a fairytale! Snow White is heading to jail for sexual misconduct, and Little Red Ridinghood is guilty of murder.

It paints these women in a totally different way, and it shows us that these fairytales could easily be re-imagined as crime stories. (Law and Order: Three Bears.) Not to mention, the pictures look awesome, even if they do tell a tale of "unhappily ever after." Take a look!

Images: Society 6