Farmers Can't "Let It Go"

Frozen is the gift that keeps on giving — giving birth to parodies that is. In the latest occurrence of Frozen mania, we now have farmers who have parodied "Let It Go." However, before you roll your eyes, realize that this parody wan't intended to over-expose the favorite power ballad of every twelve year old girl. This song, called "That's Enough," is in response to an Environmental Protective Agency ruling.

The song, which was written and performed by Missouri residents Kacey and Andy Clay along with their three kids, denounces the new Waters of the U.S. ruling, which allows the EPA to control and regulate water in ponds and ditches, as well as rainwater in low spots. Whatever your opinion is on the ruling or the song, the video has...interesting execution, including some classic running in fields, white dresses, but hey — she hits the high notes.

Sample lyrics include:

This ditch is dry on my farm today, not a puddle anywhere.There’s no water flowing, but the government doesn’t care.Once more the EPA is knocking at our door.With a brand new rule, they want to regulate us more.

So "Let It Go" is the ultimate protest song, apparently. Maybe it's the triumphant high notes?

Image: Youtube