Frasier Crane's Biggest Fan Is Scaring Us

How do you feel about Frasier? Do your feelings for the sitcom that starred Kelsey Grammer consume you so much that you do not know what to do with them? Well, I'll tell you what NOT to do with them: do not get an enormous tattoo of Frasier Crane, as this woman did. Yes, a thirty-year-old woman was such a super fan of the show that she decided to get Kelsey Grammer's fictional alter ego immortalized on her arm. This tattoo belongs in the Hall of Shame with that KFC Double Down Tattoo. But Frasier — of all things! Somewhere, David Hyde Pierce is probably thinking, "Niles was by far a more interesting character."

Kelsey Grammer spoke to David Letterman on The Late Show about this whole scarring (literally) moment. He met this super fan, and she showed him this tattoo. They even took a picture!

Here's the interesting part — this super-fan is not heavily adorned in tattoos. In fact, this looks like the only one she has (although, of course, she may have many more that we can't see), which means that choosing to tattoo Frasier Crane on her arm was a very, very important decision to her — "no, I don't want my favorite author's initials on my wrist or even some Chinese word. I'd like Kelsey Grammer, please!" Not only that, but she wanted the whole world to know how much she loves Frasier because she chose to put it on her arm, as opposed to...her left butt check or something, even though that would have been way more awkward for Grammer if these two ever met.

You can watch Grammer recall meeting this lady over here.

Image: Youtube