'The Lion King' Should Have Ended Like Prince Oberyn Died In 'Game of Thrones' — PHOTO

Do you find yourself thinking that Disney should get the Game of Thrones treatment? Or simply that The Lion King should have ended the way that Oberyn did — eyes popped out and all? Thanks to the glorious Internet, we know have the ultimate meme, in which Simba gives Scar the Oberyn fixin'. The only difference here is that we actually wanted to see Scar go down; watching Oberyn go was pretty devastating for anyone with a pulse.

The meme goes to show you that not only does the Internet have your best Disney and Game of Thrones interests in mind, but damn — George R. R. Martin has quite the imagination for creating some of the bloodiest, most awful, violent deaths ever. If only all Disney villains went down the way Game of Thrones characters did! (You actually can see some Disney characters experience a Magical Kingdom version of the Red Wedding in a funny video that hit the Internet earlier this year.) Also, it proves that Disney plus Westeros is the perfect formula for a meme.

Take a look. You'll never hear "I Just Can't Wait (To Be King)" the same way ever again. Come to think of it, can someone please make a video of Stannis singing that song?

Image: Disney; Imgur