How Matt Finally Convinced Them He's Prince Harry

It was the question of the century: would the women on I Wanna Marry Harry ever make a decision on whether or not Matt Hicks was actually Prince Harry? Thanks to tonight's episode "My Brother William," we now have the answer and it's a resounding yes. The women do think Matt Hicks is Prince Harry and all it took was a little photoshop to seal the deal. After weeks of frustrating speculation, I Wanna Marry Harry's producers decided to spur on a decision by photoshopping Hicks' face onto a picture of real Princes William and Harry playing polo. Then it was strategically left out for contestant Karina Kennedy to find.

I thought it was asking a lot for the show to be banking on the women's ability to know who Prince William is when they don't know what Prince Harry looks like, but whatever. The ruse worked and Karina waited about 15 seconds before spilling the beans to the other women. Despite not having laid eyes on this photographic evidence themselves, the women all took her word for it and (finally) declared that yes, this is really Prince Harry. Brownie points for it taking four episodes and a lot of work to convince these women though, they're not as dumb as everyone wants to paint them.

Unfortunately Anna Lisa Matias spent the episode throwing a wrench into the whole process when she decided that Hicks could not be not Harry because he doesn't have the same nose and "he doesn't have enough freckles." I don't know if maybe between episodes three and four Anna Lisa got her hands on a photo of the real Harry to memorize how many freckles he has, but she was not having this whole thing. She peppered Hicks with questions about his responsibilities, and the attack tripped him up a bit (he's not the best actor). He mentioned charities and patronages but neglected to mention that whole going to war thing, which is a pretty big responsibility if you ask me.

But what does Anna Lisa get for her troubles? A big exit from the show. Hicks blamed it on their personalities not meshing. In reality I'm sure she was a liability to have on the show if she was going to be sniffing around and trying to convince the other women Hicks wasn't Harry. With Anna Lisa gone, 100% of the girls are on board with this hoax and I'm sure the producers are rubbing their hands together with glee.

And just to remove any possible lingering doubt, the promo for next week's episode shows fake butler Kingsley dramatically announcing to the women that their mystery man is indeed His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales.

So the speculation is over, the women are on board, and we're really off and running. Now that the women for sure think that it's Prince Harry will they tone down their behavior? Or will they keep up their poolside twerk parties and angry "she's not princess material" arguments? Something tells me it's the latter.

Images: Fox; ryanseacrest/Tumblr [2]