P. Diddy Stars in Somewhat Insensitive Vine

If we've learned anything from Sandra Bullock's recent home invasion, it's that when stalkers break into celebrities' homes, it's just not funny. Unfortunately, one person hasn't yet learned that lesson. Last week, the so-called "Vine celebrity" King Bach supposedly broke into P. Diddy's house to film a video, and he got caught by Puff Daddy himself. I'm hard pressed to believe, though, that the video is real because Diddy remains extremely calm in the 6-second clip. He waits for King Bach (whose real name is Andrew Bachelor) to say his line "we're chilling with the man right here," before he asks "who are you?" in a completely monotone voice.

After Bachelor tells the rapper who he is, Sean Combs (the man of a thousand monikers) asks King Bach "How the f*** did you get in my house?" Bachelor responds by saying, "I don't know n*****, I'm out," and the clip ends with Bachelor scampering away.

Assuming this was a joke, (because if someone really broke into his house I doubt Diddy would pause for a Vine) it's a slightly insensitive one. In April, Selena Gomez had the same man try to break into her home twice in the same week. Then last week, two teens committed armed robbery when they broke into Miley Cyrus's home and stole a bunch of her belongings. And most recently, Sandra Bullock's stalker Joshua Corbett entered the actress's home while she was actually there. It was discovered that Corbett wasn't there to steal from Bullock, but rather wanted to have a "face to face" with her. If that wasn't terrifying enough, later police found a machine gun at his house.

So yeah, I think it's safe to say celebrity home invasion isn't really that funny, and it's disheartening that Diddy would join in on a joke about one. Hopefully next time he'll take a moment longer to think about the material before he recites it for a Vine video.