I Wanna Marry Harry’ Cancelled Mid-Season But There Is Still a Way for You to Watch

Sorry, I Wanna Marry Harry fans, the show's over. Like, right now. In the middle of the season. I Wanna Marry Harry has been cancelled. According to Variety, Fox has pulled I Wanna Marry Harry from its lineup because of low ratings. It seems that not only were the American girls on the show not really tricked into believing they were dating Prince Harry, viewers weren't tricked into watching this thing. BOOM! Man, they really set themselves up for that one!

I Wanna Marry Harry got 2.1 million viewers during its premiere episode on May 20, but in the weeks that followed ratings dropped dramatically. The two weeks following the premiere drew in a little over a million viewers each and this week's episode came in just under the million viewer mark.

Harry's cancellation may be tragic to some — if the trend has continued the same way, about 800,000 of you — but there is some good news. If you really need to know how I Wanna Marry Harry ends and find out what happens to your precious "Sir," the remaining episodes will become available on Fox.com, FOX NOW, Fox on Demand, and Hulu beginning on Friday. In addition, Fox is looking to fit the episodes into their television schedule at a later date. (If they need a suggestion, I would say between Miracle Blade and ShamWow informercials at 4 a.m.)

But really, the positive side of this story is for fans of Family Guy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Mindy Project, and New Girl. Reruns of these shows will air in the time slots previously occupied by I Wanna Marry Harry and Riot, an improv comedy show that was cancelled along with Harry.

Image: Fox