Watch These Gorgeous Africa Fashion Week NY Shows

The third annual Africa Fashion Week New York just concluded, and the featured shows were more gorgeous than ever, featuring bold pattern mixing, intricate embroidery, and unbelievably cool hairstyles. There were swingy, danceable skirts, glittery showstopper ball gowns, and too many layered necklaces to count; in short, we just want to go dancing in all of these outfits right now. In case you missed it, catch some of the week's highlights below.

1. Kaela Kay: In one of the most wearable and covetable collections of the bunch, Kaela Kay showcased pattern mixing at its finest, along with a host of enviable peplum tops and swingy '60s skirts.

2. Sydney Davies: If the 9 to 5 world went a little insane, the result would be something like Sydney Davies' collection. Yellow lips and crazy mohawks were paired with conservative pantsuits, a male model wore a single huge earring, and everything was tinged with working-world crazy. The effect was striking.

3. Sarfo of Styles: This designer paid homage to his heritage with traditional Ghanian menswear and showstopping ballgowns, headpieces, and collars that seemed inspired by bird plumage.

4. Bill Witherspoon: The designer, who refers to his "avant-gard-en," did not disappoint with an unbelievable collection of cutting-edge menswear punctuated by body paint, layered necklaces, and bleached mohawks. If you think men's fashion is boring, you have to watch this video.

5. Sara Karay: This Kenyan designer's alluring styles hit that perfect note between revealing and concealing: long skirts paired with a sliver of midriff, maxi dresses that clung to the hips.

6. Liz Ogumbo: Going out has never looked so fun. From glittery micro-shorts paired with a turban and mini dresses paired with a cape to necklaces that cover the entire neck and shoulder region, this collection was born to inspire everyone's inner party girl. (Psst, we all need that first look.)

7. Sana Redwani: This show was characterized by flowy silhouettes, velvety textures, and a noticeable lack of skin, making it a collection for grownups who know how to make an entrance.