Would You Wear These Iron Shoes?

The longer Game of Thrones season 4 finale airs this Sunday, June 15, and how better to prepare yourself for the end with a pair of The Iron Shoes by Nixxi Rose? Rose, a jewelry designer and shoe customizer, made these GOT heels using painted sword cocktail stirrers. Who knew there were uses for those little cocktail swords other than adding fruit to your drinks and accessorizing your thumb wars? These heels are definitely fierce and probably a bit dangerous if someone gets to close — Cersei would snatch them up in a heartbeat. Although it's uncertain whether or not Rose will ever sell these Westeros-worthy shoes to the public, one thing about the shoe's design seems to be quite evident: the look could certainly be DIY worthy.

I'm thinking a pair of inexpensive black pumps, lots of those little cocktail swords, a couple cans of spray paint, some super glue and you're good to go. Grab your supplies when you have a couple hours on your hands to meticulously place miniature weapons on a pair of heels, and you'll be ready to slice right through the DIY shoe competition. Rose hasn't only been inspired by Game of Thrones when it comes to her shoe designs. She also has "Breaking Ankles" (complete with blue "meth" crystals at the toe) for the Breaking Bad fans out there, a pair of Freddy Krueger inspired heels and so many more awesome pop culture-related designs. Check out these shoes below that Rose created for a bride who wanted sugar skull heels to match her wine colored wedding dress. So. Cool.