No Felony Charges for Justin Bieber

This is good news for Justin Bieber and bad news for anyone who's just so over the kid getting away with everything with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. In case you missed it, Bieber was implicated in an attempted robbery when a woman accused him of trying to steal her cellphone at a mini golf course. That minor incident has been kind of overshadowed by all of Bieber's racist videos, but the final nail in that case's coffin has come. Justin Bieber won't be facing felony charges over cellphonegate, so it looks like the Biebs can rest easy. Over that much, at least.

According to E! News, a District Attorney spokesperson revealed that there is "insufficient evidence" to prosecute Bieber on a felony charge but that they have turned the case over to the city attorney for misdemeanor consideration. The insufficient evidence comes from the fact that nine employees of the mini golf park were interviewed and none of them had seen Bieber involved with any kind of physical altercation with the woman in question. Bieber himself declined to be interviewed and there is no footage of the incident to be used to build a case.

The alleged incident occurred back in May when the woman claimed that Bieber had grabbed her cell phone and yelled at her for trying to take pictures of him. He even went so far as to yell at her daughter when the woman tried to explain to Bieber that her daughter was a huge fan who had just wanted to come and say hello. An employee later called TMZ to deny that Bieber had grabbed the phone and the resulting article was tweeted by Bieber with the message, "The truth will set u free".

Essentially, cellphonegate is one big he said-she said moment where there happen to be more people available to corroborate the fact that nothing happened than there are to back up the woman's story. So while Bieber might still face a misdemeanor charge for the incident, there's just no way to prove that he was trying to rob an innocent woman of her cellphone. All of us believing that it sounds like exactly the kind of thing he would do isn't admissible evidence in court — which is a good thing, ultimately.

Bieber gives the world at large a lot of reason to dislike him, so much so that Bieber is one of the most hated men in America, but apparently there are still some depths that not even he will sink to. Whether or not you believe that Bieber tried to snatch a cellphone out of someone's hands is now officially irrelevant and we can all go back to judging him for his racist childhood videos and that DUI trial.