It's Friday The 13th, So You Might As Well Get Spooky With Your Wardrobe

Friday the 13th is upon us, and as a horror movie buff, this is primetime for everything creepy and cool. As if it wasn't spooky enough already, there was also a full moon Friday morning at 12:11 a.m. The last time that a full moon fell on Friday the 13th was 14 years ago. The next time will be even farther away — in 2049 — so, today is a rarity that deserves to be fully celebrated. Oh, and Mercury is in retrograde. We're all doomed.

My night will probably consist of back-to-back movies and then coincidentally sleeping with the lights on. It is a Friday, however, so for those of you with more social, going out plans, let me suggest some freaky fashion and accessories to keep with the theme of this superstition-filled evening. Skulls are having their stylish moment, and whether you normally incorporate them into your outfits or not, designers and retailers are presenting them in more mainstream and less gothic or morbid ways. There are delicate flat gold skull studs, beautiful floral comforters that have just a hint of cranial details, and scarves that have been celebrity must-haves for years. Nail wraps celebrate the phases of the moon, crop tops celebrate the human anatomy, and there are even skirts out there to make you look like the female version of Beetlejuice. There are so many fashion-forward pieces with just the right amount of eerie, and today is definitely the day to wear them.

1. Classic Silk Chiffon Skull Scarf, $295,

2. Teenage Runway Beaded Rib Cage Tank Top, $15.75,

3. Yo Grabba Grabba! Loose Crop Tank, $36,

4. The Tiniest Molar Tooth Necklace, $22,

5. Phases of the Moon Nail Decals, $6,

6. Plum and Bow Skull Flower Duvet Cover, $129 - $149,

7. Small Skull Stud Earrings, $40,

8. Bold Striped Skort, $22.80,

9. Heather Jersey Moon & Sun Island Tank, $62,

10. Raisa Stay Weird Tank, $21,

11. Miley Twerk Tongue Tee, $55,

12. Dirty Pretty Things Eternal Love Bracelet, $15.30,

13. Skull Floral Print Bandeau Swimsuit, $33.34,

Images: Courtesy Manufacturers