'Mean Girls' Video Game Is the Perfect Way to Kill Time — VIDEO

How well do you know Mean GIrls? Probably very well, I assume, given that you've had 10 years to fully absorb and memorize every quote from this piece in the pop culture canon. Since you're an expert, you should play the Mean Girls video game! Well, you can't exactly play it per se — it's a video in 8-Bit Cinema in which a game is simulated — but you can imagine just how good you'd be, given that you have options like puking on Aaron.

You essentially get to travel through the entire journey of the movie via Cady's eyes. She needs a pink shirt to get in with Regina? Check that inventory for a pink shirt! There are important questions like how many calories are from fat — answer right, get points! You also get to be other character's avatars, like Janis, and you have the option of making terrible face lotions for Regina (and of course, you should).

It proves a point that Mean Girls captured the essence of high school, because high school is like a video game, isn't it? And if I'm stretching that metaphor too thin, let me stretch it even further: you make choices, you win or you lose, and by all means, you pick your clique — or your avatar.

Check it out, and consider it another way to celebrate this movie's 10 year anniversary.

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Image: Youtube