Meryl Davis Leaves Maks Chmerkovskiy Behind For Sultry Vacation in Hawaii — PHOTOS

Somewhere deep in the lust-filled heart of the Internet, we know that Meryl and Maks are not an item. Further proof: Meryl Davis is on vacation because she doesn't miss Maks. Or she's just on vacation because she's on vacation and lives her life — your pick, shippers. Maks Chmerkovskiy is off in India doing the Indian version of Dancing with The Stars, proving that his life is goin' on just fine without the woman he previously wanted to ravage. He's allegedly dating Jennifer Lopez. And we thought they were going to get married and have little ice dancing Russian babies! We're so silly.

Even though there are no ice dancing Russian babies on the way, Meryl is not sitting at home waiting for Maks to text, or whatever. In fact, she's doing the opposite — she's dancing on the beach and having a grand ol' time in Hawaii with her pal Jenna Johnson from So You Think You Can Dance. Call it a dancing friendcation, if you will. Judging by their pics on Instagram, Mr. Chmerkovskiy is the last thing on Meryl's mind, IF HE WAS EVER ON HER MIND AT ALL. That softcore porny freestyle really got the best of us, didn't it?

Anyhow, take a look at Meryl and Jenna's pics! Meryl's all, "Maks who? I'mma do me right now."

Images: meryledavis/Instagram; dance10jenna/Instagram