How Well Do You Know 'TFIOS?'

by Rachel Simon
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As tends to be the case with any popular piece of culture, it's easy to spot the differences between the fans of The Fault in Our Stars . First, you've got your newbies, the people who've only seen the movie, probably just because someone promised it'd be good. Then, there are the average fans, those who may have read the book and seen the movie, but don't quite get why everyone seems to think it's such a big deal. Next, you've got the devotees, poeple who truly loved the book, have feelings about the movie, and suffer from something called "Nerdfighteria." And then, finally, you've got the superfans, the hardcore, obsessed, John Green-loving readers who can't imagine a world in which The Fault in Our Stars does not exist.

Oh, the superfans. They are the people who can quote every line Augustus ever said, who wait on three-hour-long lines to hear Green speak, who can't hear the word "okay?" without bursting into tears. Many of them are teenage girls, but plenty are older, parents and siblings and friends who heard about the book, decided to check it out, and found their lives irrevocably changed. No matter their age or gender, TFIOS superfans have one major thing in common: they know everything, and we mean everything, about the book. Not sure if you're one of them? Take our TFIOS quiz to test your knowledge:

1. When did Hazel's support group meet?

A) Every Monday

B) Every Wednesday

C) Every Monday and Wednesday

Answer: B. As for where it met, even fairweather fans should know the answer to that: the literal heart of Jesus, of course!

2. How many times did Gus fail his driving test?

A) Twice

B) Three times

C) He never said — it was that bad

Answer: B. And that eventual license? Cancer Perk.

3. What's so special about Thursday, March 29?

A) It's Hazel's birthday

B) It's Hazel's parents' anniversary

C) It's Hazel's 33rd half-birthday

Answer: C. That was an easy one.

4. What's the name of the hamster in An Imperial Affliction?

A) Lidewij

B) Sisyphus

C) Max Mayhem

Answer: B. As Hazel finally learns, he gets adopted by Anna's friend, Christine and lives for a few years before dying "peacefully in his hamster sleep."

5. What is the actual price of dawn?

A) Blood

B) Tears

C) Wait, what?

Answer: A, as Hazel discovers when Gus lends her his beloved book.

6. When Gus took Hazel to the park, what wasn't Dutch themed?

A) The orange juice

B) The cheese

C) The tomatoes

Answer: C. To Gus' disappointment, they were from Mexico.

7. What was Gus' cigarette brand of choice?

A) Kools

B) Marlboro Lights

C) Camel Lights

Answer: C. Hazel even left a pack in his coffin.

8. From which Shakespeare play did John Green get the book's title?

A) Hamlet

B) Julius Caesar

C) Romeo and Juliet

Answer: B. The full quote: "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings."

9. What color is Gus' hair, described by Hazel?

A) Mahogany

B) Chestnut

C) Auburn

Answer: A. "Mahogany hair, straight and short," she described, upon meeting him for the first time.

10. What movie do Hazel and Gus watch on the plane?

A) Transformers

B) V for Vendetta (again)

C) 300

Answer: C, a movie that left Gus "awash in the nobility of sacrifice."

9. Which was the final choice for the swing set sale post?

A) Desperately Lonely Swing Set Needs Loving Home

B) Lonely, Vaguely Pedophilic Swing Set Seeks the Butts of Children

C) Swing Set of Tears Needs Loving Home

Answer: A. Apparently, calling a childhood toy "pedophilic" might not be the best way to get it sold.

10. Where did Gus meet his ex-girlfriend, Caroline?

A) School

B) A hospital

C) A basketball game

Answer: B. Those who haven't read the book wouldn't know that, however, as Caroline was omitted from the movie.

11. What's Peter Van Houten's drink of choice?

A) Scotch

B) Brandy

C) Whiskey

Answer: A, especially at nine in the morning.

12. And what's his favorite genre of music?

A) Swedish hip-hop

B) Irish rap

C) German R&B

Answer: A. Who cares about understanding the lyrics when Afasi och Filthy navigate between love and fear so impressively?

13. How did Hazel's parents meet?

A) Vacationing in Australia

B) Working in the Peace Corps

C) Volunteering with the Red Cross

Answer: B. Specifically, while in Papua New Guinea.

14. What did the minister call Hazel?

A) Gus' "buddy"

B) Gus' "special person"

C) Gus' "special friend"

Answer: C, which Hazel quickly corrected. She was his girlfriend, people.

15. What is the correct response to "Okay?"

A) Yup!

B) Sure?

C) Okay.

Answer: Come on. Even the most half-hearted Fault fans know the answer to this one. Okay?

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