The 4 Stores That Dad Freakin' Loves

by Arielle Dachille
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Where would you be without Dad? Well, uh, nowhere… Yeah, half of your DNA is his, and you would simply cease to exist if he and your Mom hadn’t decided to make a person. So seriously, for however many embarrassing jokes he cracks, you gotta give him a round of applause on Father’s Day. Dad is your partner in crime. He’s your buddy. He’s also the reason that you spent a good amount of your childhood in Home Depot and BJ’s. All those errand jaunts that you accompanied him on taught you a few things about what dads like. Mine, in particular, really loves big box retail stores. Something about the combination of warehouse spaces and deals just makes the Dad spirit dance.

It’s not just limited to home improvement emporiums and wholesale clubs. There is a canon of stores that Dads just can’t help themselves in the presence of. They need to see what’s up at Costco, because value is like kryptonite for Dads. And forget it when they get around a booming stereo system. All plans will be delayed so that Dad can browse the various woofers and surround sound speakers available to deafen your family. And would we have it any other way? Absolutely not! So, without further ado, here are the stores that Dad likes best. If you have nothing else planned for Father’s Day, maybe take him on a tour of these Patriarch Favorites.

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Home Depot / Lowe's

Remember Dad’s plan to organize the garage? Maybe install some shelves to make it look, well, less garagey? That was all a clever ruse to justify a trip to the local home improvement chain. Home Depot and Lowe’s are two of Dad’s favorite places on Earth. His DIY projects, or rather his plans for DIY projects, represent a quintessential Dad urge to talk about building things. Sometimes he follows through, and that’s great! But often, the real joy is in the planning.


It’s undeniable. Dads love audio equipment. All every dad wants to do is make their living room sound like an IMAX theater, much to the dismay of the entire family. Bose is the cream of the proverbial crop when it comes to radios, and it’s a little hard for Dad not to get a bit cow-eyed over the premium sound solutions.

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BJ’s / Costco

Other than BJ’s, where else can pops score 20 boxes of Little Debbie snacks for the price of 10? The answer is Costco. The variable of saving money is a big sell for Dad on the wholesale emporium. And while sometimes, the deal isn’t really that amazing, stockpiling items means that you’ll have to make fewer trips out of the house. That way, he’ll have more time to think about starting his garage project.

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Wal-Mart / Target

In spite of the fact that really, nobody should ever shop at Wal-Mart, my Dad loves Wal-Mart. If mom didn’t buy most of his clothes elsewhere, Dad would get everything here. Again, it goes back to the fact that his brain floods with norepinephrine in the presence of a deal. Stores like Target and Wal Mart are one-stop shops for Dad to get all his essential “kinda-don’t-need-it-BUT-I-NEED-IT” shopping done. He can get anything from tents, to DVDs, to stereo systems, to shaving cream, to underwear, to cereal all under one roof.