Fashion Tips From This 90s Duo For Your Reunion

by Arielle Dachille

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion was a pretty pivotal movie in my development. Their iridescent space camp dresses and loud costume jewelry basically laid the tracks for my own campy fashion predilections. Plus, it was the first R-rated movie I saw in theaters! Not to mention, it basically built my mental schema for what a high school reunion would look like. When the movie came out in 1997, I couldn’t wait for my own 10 year reunion! Even in girlhood, I envisioned myself living with my best friend in my twenties watching Pretty Woman in our dressy pajamas, eating candy and skewering the film’s absurdity. Our reunion would be an excellent adventure of social redemption culminating in a helicopter ride. Well, at least I'm living the first half of the dream—but about that reunion part…

Years later, the notion of my impending reunion as “zany misadventure” is peppered with notes of “raging night terror.” The prospect of running into high school acquaintences when I visit my hometown is awkward enough. Adding a banquet hall, a cash bar and a local DJ does nothing but heighten the cringe-factor. But like any great watcher of people, I know that this event will be so bad that it’s good. It’s unmissable. Not to mention, we're beyond the desperate high school urge to fit in at this point in our lives. It’s time to stand out, be unapologetically yourself, and gather some stories. To get reunion-ready, there is no more fitting team of misfits to consult for style advice than the Sagebrush High class of '87. Here are the fashion tips to make sure your ten year reunion is a very "Romy and Michele" affair.

Look like every bit of your oddball self...

Iridescent feather trim dresses are never wrong. Never. You did plenty of "matte" fabrics during high school. Now it's time for your inner diamond to sparkle.

Dress to the theme of your grad year.

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Sure, if you graduated in ’07, that outfit may be “distressed low cut jeans and innuendo graphic tees”, but how much fun would that be?

Feather and pleather are perfect together.

Candy-colored 90s styles are back in a big way.

Casual eclectic is a good way to go.

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These outfits are just too awesome not to copy.

Suit up to boogie down…

Mid-to-early aughts hits are gonna be pounding all night. You’ll need an outfit that's amenable to heavy-duty dancing. Extra points if the dancing is an interpretive, show-stealing number to something like "Country Grammar."

Prepare to get a little messy.

You're sure to have quite a few moments throughout the night that are so ridiculous, you involuntarily spit up your drink. That and, oh yeah, this event will only reach its zenith of fun if you're wasted. Think ahead, and don’t wear anything you can easily ruin with a wee bit of backwash or vomit.

Try an adventurous hairdo!

This is not the time to be conservative. You're having fun, and your hair should too! Just make sure you aren't hurting anyone.

Grown out highlights—I mean—ombre hair is still in, right?

Be anything but basic...

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Feel bad for these sheep, because your bohemian life is cooler than being the pregnant weather girl.

Attitude is your must-have accessory!

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You're the DGAF, awesome queen of reunion, and you didn't even need to find your top.