How Much Was Their Wedding?

by Mallory Schlossberg

Want to get married like you're in Westeros? That's probably a bad idea, given that Westeros doesn't have a particularly great track record when it comes to these momentous occasions, but it's an even worse idea considering the price tag. In fact, the weddings that were on Game of Thrones cost a fortune. This doesn't just mean for the network — had these weddings happened in real life, they would have been more than a pretty penny. But hey, there is a price to pay if you want doves to fly out of your wedding cake (which, may I add, is probably not the most sanitary option for a dessert).

Britain's most sought-after wedding planner, Sarah Haywood, broke down the cost of every wedding on Game of Thrones for The Daily Dot. Unsurprisingly, the notorious Purple Wedding would have been the most expensive, given Joffrey's excessive taste and the event's regality. In fact, it would have cost $10,308,179, which needless to say, is a freakin' lot. Apparently, food alone would have cost approximately $1,800 per person, and that's not even including the (poisoned) booze. Lest we forget, there's also the music, the entertainment, the flowers, and, oh yeah, the regicide — but apparently, that could have easily been arranged by slipping someone a $20 bill.

The second most expensive wedding on Game of Thrones was another royal wedding — that of Danaerys and her now deceased husband, Khal Drogo. A Dothraki wedding is an event, as it would have cost $8,652,832. Why so expensive? The cost of food alone would have been $2,305,129, mostly because so many people were in attendance. With nearly 40,000 people in attendance, you can't expect to have a frugal affair.

The Red Wedding — that between Roslin Frey and Edmure Tully — cost $7,071,396. Of course, that's a wedding we don't really want to think about since even a year later, it still leaves scars. But what really made this bill so expensive? Hiring hitmen to kill 3,500 people. That's not a job people are going to do for free.

Sansa and Tyion's wedding was more modest by Westeros' standards, as it only came to $128,279. To put that in perspective, that's still approximately $100,000 more than the average American wedding.

The most modest affair of all was that of Robb Stark and Talisa, which would have only cost $503, simply for paying the officiant. Consider that Westeros' version of going to Town Hall.

Bottom line? The weddings these characters have are crazy expensive. For what it's worth, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding only cost $2.8 million. Ha!

Apparently, Kim and Kanye's tastes are just not fit for a King on The Iron Throne.

Image: HBO