Hilary Duff Turned Down a 'TFIOS' Song, But Her Loss Is Our Gain

Let's be real. There are multitudes of reasons to love Hilary Duff, but her music has never ranked very highly on that list. I wouldn't be surprised if there were people who didn't even know that she was also a musician, let alone one with four albums out. Hilary Duff has a show with Sutton Foster coming out and Duff will always be Lizzie McGuire in our hearts, but the first thing you think of when you think of Hilary Duff isn't music. However, is it possible that one song could have changed that? Apparently, Duff turned down Boom Clap from the TFIOS soundtrack once upon a time ago and we have to wonder if she's regretting it now.

According to Charli XCX, who co-wrote the song with Patrick Berger, Boom Clap could have ended up on Hilary Duff's new album. In fact, she really, really wanted it to. Berger had worked with Hilary Duff before and Duff's people had gotten in touch with him about her new album, so Charli XCX jumped on her opportunity.

"My number one project as a songwriter is to write for Hilary Duff, so when I heard about this, I was like, 'f**k! Are you serious? This is my in! I’m going to make a Hilary Duff album!'," said Charli XCX in an interview with MTV UK. "So we sent over Boom Clap, but they came back and were like, 'this isn’t cool enough for Hilary.'"

officialcharlixcx on YouTube

Yes, that's right. One of the few songs on The Fault in Our Stars album that doesn't make you cry wasn't cool enough for Hilary Duff. Admittedly, Duff is an insanely cool person, but, man, that's cold. According to MTV UK, Charli XCX was still wearing a look of abject dismay even just telling the story. We might think the song fits better on The Fault in Our Stars album where everyone can hear it and rock out to it, but Charli XCX had a dream and it was thoroughly crushed by Hilary Duff's representatives.

Could Boom Clap have single-handedly revived Hilary Duff's career as a serious pop singer or is the song only beloved because it was associated with The Fault in Our Stars? Did Duff miss out on a serious career opportunity or is this just one of those cases of one door closing so a giant, golden door with a pool full of money and Ryan Gosling waiting to give you a hug can open? The world may never know. All we can say for sure is that Hilary Duff made a terrible decision passing up on this song.

Then again, she's got Mike Comrie and Lucas Cruz Comrie and also she's Hilary Duff. I'm sure she'll be just fine with her music career as is.