'Game of Thrones' Is Exactly Like This Movie

Inconceivable! Well, actually... it's totally conceivable. Someone has made one perfect image comparing Game of Thrones to The Princess Bride , joking that Game of Thrones was just a reboot of one of the best fantasy comedies of all time. The genius who posted this cracked wise too, writing, "Normally I like dark, gritty reboots, but you have to admit the original was much funnier." (Yeah, I'll concede, but this "reboot" had Pedro Pascal.)

And speaking of Pedro Pascal, we were waiting for this full-blown comparison considering how Oberyn Martell's character had every shade of Mindy Patinkin's famous Inigo Montoyo. My name is Oberyn Martellyou killed my sister. Prepare to die! (R.IP. Oberyn, by the way. YOUR NOW POPPED-OUT EYES WILL FOREVER HAUNT ME.) But when you think about it, Oberyn isn't the only character in Westeros to have a sorta-kinda alter ego in the fantastical land of The Princess Bride.

Though it's up for debate just how much Cersei and Buttercup have in common beyond their golden locks, it's pretty funny to see Jaime Lannister next to Westley. They two do look alike, and they both have a thing for blonde ladies. (Even if it's more accurate to say Jaime has a thing for his sister.) I wouldn't have necessarily placed The Mountain as Fezzik — Hodor seems like a much more fair comparison to Andre The Giant's character, but it's no matter. Now we just need a video mash-up the two — anyone? Please? Hodor?

Take a look, and for a larger version of the photo, you can click here.

Image: Imgur