Introducing Joga Jeans, The Jean-Meets-Yoga-Pant You've Been Waiting For (or Dreading) All Your Life

Do you like to keep your workout pants and your cute denim separate? Tough luck! Purveyors of sweat-gear won't stop forcing you to wear your exercise clothes in public, because the world is your own private gym. The latest "how cute can our gym clothes get?" invention is Joga Jeans— yes, that's a yoga jean. And yes, the name could be a lot better.

Joga Jeans will be produced by Silver Jeans Co. (the company likely responsible for several of your department store-bought bootcut jeans from high school) and are described as "denim on the outside, sweats on the inside." Personally, sweatpants that are as tight as jeans sound sort of hot and suffocating to me. According to a press release, quoted by Racked,

The top is woven like traditional denim and underneath is a plush knit. This revolutionary fabric technology has unparalleled recovery allowing the jean to move with your body without bagging out.

The whole philosophy behind Joga Jeans and other gymwear-to-streetwear lines, such as Lululemon's &Go collection, is that people will work out more if they can cut down on the amount of clothes they need to carry around. Plus, you never know when you'll need to drop into a flawless downward dog while in line at the grocery store. The problem, however, is that most people don't actually want to wear sweaty pants around all day post-45 minute yoga session.

I'm not a monster — I'm all for my jeans being comfortable and I like cute exercise clothes. But why must they be one and the same? Here is a style commandment for you: Thou shalt not wear the same pants to yoga that you wear to brunch.

But if you absolutely must, Joga Jeans are currently available for pre-order and cost between $78-$88.

Joga Jeans